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About Old Gold Furniture Restoration:

My training has involved a lifelong pursuit in wood restoration skill. After a stint in the finishing room of a production cabinet shop, I moved to a position decorating custom-made harpsichords. Here I developed traditional European methods of hand-painting enamels and faux marble panels. My focus shifted to high quality furniture finishes, both traditional and contemporary. With I.Brown Bros., I served for 15 years working with the home design community in Farfield County. Eventually I branched out onto my own. I have settled into my own niche specializing in fine furniture restoration, painted finishes, and antique furniture conservation. I am a long standing member of Professional Refinishers Group where I have been able to study with colleagues from The Smithsonian Institute, U.S. House of Representatives, and The National Institute of Wood Finishing, and the finest craftsmen in the nation.

James Young